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MR Type - MR16

MR16 Value Brand
Quality Import Bulb, 3000 Hour Life, With or Without Coverglass
MR16 Color Corrected
Consistent Color, Retail display use
MR16 Premium Brands
Ultraline Titan, Ultraline, GE Constant Color, Superline, Superline Reflecto, Eurostar, Whitestar, Frostline, Solux, IR Energy Efficient
MR16 Long Life Bulbs
10,000 - 18,000 Hour Life and Up
MR16 by Wattage & Voltage
MR16 Bulbs grouped by Wattage & Voltage
MR16 by ANSI Code
MR16 Bulbs grouped by ANSI Code
MR16 Colored Light Bulbs
Colored MR16 Bulbs
MR16 Line Voltage (120 Volts)
120 Volts
MR16 LED Bulbs
LED (Light Emitting Diode)
IR Energy Efficient MR16 Bulbs
More energy efficient than standard MR16, Long service life to 5,000 hours, Perfect color rendering, Cover lens with UV blocking protection
Xenon MR16 Bulbs
10,000 hour life, UV Protection, European diamond faceted reflector, Filled with Xenon Gas, Axial (Vertical) Filament, Warranty