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SAD Light Treatment Fixtures

Seasonal Affective Disorder Fixtures

Day-Lights are specially designed lamps that radiate 10,000 lux (the level of illumination of light), which is roughly equivalent to the light level on an early spring morning. You can use them as light therapy systems to ease the side effects of light deprivation during the fall and winter months, or as work lamps to brighten a workspace.

20 to 30 minutes each day at a range of 12 to 15 inches from your Day-Light is usually sufficient for a light therapy session. To ensure your comfort and safety, only the highest quality components are used to manufacture Day-Light products.

  • UV Blocked - An acrylic filter blocks harmful UV rays
  • Glare-free - A diffuser softens light and eliminates glare
  • Flicker-free - A high-efficiency electronic ballast (20,000 cycles per second) eliminates annoying fluorescent flicker
  • Easy on the Eyes - Special biaxial fluorescent light tubes emit soft white light (3000 Kelvin)
  • Two Day-Light designs

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