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  Home : Miscellaneous Lighting & Electrical : Lighting Controls : 60 Watt AutoOff Light Control

60 Watt AutoOff Light Control

60 Watt AutoOff Light Control Quantity in Basket: none
Code: SLC7BC
Price: $11.99
• Automatically turns light off after 15 minutes
• Perfect for closets, garages, basements, or anywhere lights are left on
• Works with incandescent or fluorescent bulbs

Do your kids refuse to turn off the lights? We have a product that can help: the AutoOff Light Control by AmertTac.

For years we have received phone calls and emails from customers looking for the Philips IQ Auto Off Bulb. In all our years in the light bulb business we have never witnessed a product that has fostered the kind of loyalty and passion displayed for the Philips IQ Auto Off Bulb (there are even chat rooms and blogs dedicated to the Philips IQ). So, of course, Philips discontinued their Philips IQ line. What was so special about the Philips IQ Auto Off Light Bulb? The Philips IQ Bulb had a chip inside the socket that turned the bulb off after 30 minutes of use. This made the Philips IQ bulb ideal for kid’s rooms, closets, basements, stair cases, or anywhere light is needed briefly but often left on.

Other products, such as the Bulb Boss by Beacon Light Products, approached the problem differently. The Bulb Boss was a small disk that fit into a light socket that would make a standard light bulb shut off after 15 or 30 minutes. One advantage of the Bulb Boss over the Philips IQ was that after the initial investment a standard (cheap) light bulb could be used. Alas, the Bulb Boss went the way of the Philips IQ Auto Off Bulb.

The product we offer, the AutoOff Light Control by AmerTac, combines the best features of the Philips IQ Auto Off Bulb and the Bulb Boss, plus it goes a step further. The AutoOff Light Control is an adapter that screws into any standard socket. Once the AutoOff Light Control is installed it will accept any medium (standard) base light bulb. The AutoOff Light Control keeps your light on for 15 minutes before automatically turning the bulb off. If you can screw in a light bulb you can install the AutoOff Light Control, plus, like the Bulb Boss, it’s reusable. What’s unique about the AutoOff Light Control is that it also works with compact fluorescent light bulbs. Imagine the savings when you combine the energy savings of compact fluorescent lighting with an AutoOff Light Control!

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