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Flood Lights & Spot Lights


The features and benefits of Incandescent Flood light bulbs and spots, Halogen Flood Light bulbs and spots, and Compact Fluorescent flood light bulbs:

Incandescent Flood Light Bulbs and Spots

Incandescent flood light bulbs are available in a variety of sizes, from 1.75" to 6.5" diameter, and we offer incandescent floods in wattages ranging from 25 to 750 watts. All incandescent flood light bulbs may be used indoors or in outdoor scenarios where they will not be directly contacted by water (such as under eaves or enclosed in a fixture), but only incandescent floods designed for direct exposure should be used where your incandescent floods will subjected to direct rain or snow (BR38 shaped incandescent flood light bulbs). All incandescent flood light bulbs are fully dimmable.

We also offer incandescent flood light bulbs in extended life versions, up to 20,000 hours. These incandescent floods are ideal for locations where changing the light bulb is difficult. The extended life incandescent floods use a thicker filament that lasts longer and is less susceptible to power spikes, however the thicker filament used in extended life incandescent flood light bulbs makes them less bright than standard incandescent floods. As with all bulbs, long lamp life is traded for brightness.

One questions we are often asked is, "Can I use 130 volt incandescent floods on my 120 volt system?" The answer is yes…130 volt incandescent floods work with standard 110-120 volt household systems. The advantage of 130 volt products is that they protect the incandescent filaments from power spikes (the source of most incandescent bulb failures). 130 volt floods are slightly less bright than 120 volt, but offer substantially longer life.

As you can tell, there is an incandescent flood light bulbs made for virtually all applications. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need help choosing the appropriate incandescent floods for your application.

Halogen Flood Lights and Spot Lights

Halogen flood light bulbs are versatile and may be used for virtually any purpose, indoors or out. Halogen floods are ideal for accent lighting and general illumination in the home, office, or retail spaces. All halogen flood light bulbs, both the 120 volt and 130 volt, are fully dimmable. We also provide an assortment of colors in the PAR 20 and PAR 30 halogen flood light bulbs. Our halogen flood light bulbs are available in a variety of different beam spreads.

PAR halogen lamps provide a crisp light ideal for many retail and home applications. Halogen flood light bulbs are also much more energy efficient than standard incandescent flood light bulbs, as the lumen per watt ratio is much higher. Because halogen floods have a relatively small filament contained within a small glass capsule, the halogen bulb can be oriented within a reflector of a PAR halogen lamp to produce a wide range of beam spreads. Our PAR halogen flood light bulbs range in beam from 9-55 degrees. These PAR halogen flood lamps are ideal for washing a large area with light or directing a beam towards a small area for highlighting. PAR halogen floods, all halogen light bulbs for that matter, offer tremendous color rendering. All PAR halogen floods may be used outdoors. You will often see halogen flood light bulbs used as outdoor security lighting.

As with incandescent floods, halogen floods are offered in both 120 and 130 volt, and the trade off between long life and light output is the same. Please contact us at if you need help locating the correct halogen flood.

Compact Fluorescent Flood Light Bulbs

Compact fluorescent floods offer many of the advantages of both incandescent floods and halogen floods, plus compact fluorescent flood light bulbs offer several unique advantages of their own. Compact Fluorescent floods use, on average, 75% less energy than incandescent floods (ex. a 14 watt compact fluorescent flood will directly replace a 65 watt incandescent flood). Compact fluorescent floods also last a long time (8000 hours on average), around 4 times longer than incandescent floods and halogen floods.

There is a compact fluorescent flood light bulb made to replace almost every incandescent flood, plus compact fluorescent flood light bulbs are available in several color temperatures (from 2700K, closely matching incandescent floods, to 5100K, a pure white light). Compact fluorescent flood light bulbs can now directly replace traditional PAR halogen floods in some applications (see our PAR shaped compact fluorescent floods). Specially designed compact fluorescent floods can even be used in dimming applications (see our dimming compact fluorescent flood light bulb).

Please call or email us if you have any questions concerning compact fluorescent floods. You may also run an energy analysis by clicking here to determine how much money your home or business can save by switching to compact fluorescent flood light bulbs.

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