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  Home : Other Popular Categories : Floods & Spots : Halogen Floods & Spots

Halogen Floods & Spots

PAR14 Shape
(1.75" Diameter)
Halogen PAR14 Bulbs
PAR16 Shape
(2.0" Diameter)
Halogen PAR16 Bulbs
PAR20 Shape
(2.5" Diameter)
Halogen PAR20 Bulbs
PAR30 Short Neck
(3.75" Diameter)
Halogen PAR30 Bulbs
PAR30 Long Neck
(3.75" Diameter)
Halogen PAR30 Long Neck Bulbs
PAR38 Shape
(4.75" Diameter)
Halogen PAR38 Bulbs
PAR56 Shape
(7" Diameter)
Halogen PAR56 Bulbs
Halogen Soft Ray Floods
PAR36 Shape
(4.5" Diameter)
Halogen PAR36 Bulbs
Halogen Side & End Prong
R20 Shape
(2.5" Diameter)
Halogen R20 Bulbs
BR30 Shape
(3.75" Diameter)
Halogen BR30 Bulbs
BR40 Shape
(5" Diameter)
Halogen BR40 Bulbs
Halogen Colored Floods & Spots

Halogen floods are available in both "heavy" glass and "soft" glass. The heavy glass halogen flood light bulbs are commonly referred to as "PAR" lamps. PAR stands for parabolic aluminized reflector. These halogen light bulbs are used both indoors and outdoors. Halogen light bulb PAR lamps are the only halogen flood that may be directly exposed to inclement weather, as the thick glass prevents cracking. PAR flood halogen light bulbs are available in diameters from 1.75" to 4.75". As a general rule of thumb, if the glass covering the PAR lamp is dimpled then the bulb has a wider (flood) beam spread. PAR lamps with a narrow beam (spots) have smooth glass covering the reflector.

Soft glass halogen floods look identical to standard incandescent floods (generally called either "R shape" or "BR shape". These halogen light bulbs should be used either indoors or in fixtures protected from direct weather exposure. Whether your halogen flood is a PAR, R, or BR the diameter of the bulb may be found in the item number directly following the PAR, R, or BR designation. Halogen light bulbs, like incandescent light bulbs, are measure in 1/8" increments. For example a PAR30 halogen light bulb is 30/8" diameter, or 3.75".

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