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Night Lights

Decorative Nite Lights
LED Nite Lights
Automatic Nite Lights
Specialty Nite Lights
Kids Nite Lights
Manual Nite Lights
Seasonal Nite Lights now offers night lights for every room in the house. Our night lights are available with both LED and incandescent light sources, as well as with both dusk-to-dawn and manual operation. Don't forget, any incandescent night light may be converted to an energy saving LED night light by adding LED replacement bulbs (71161). We offer night lights in seven categories to serve all of your lighting needs: Decorative Night Lights, LED Night Lights, Automatic Night Lights, Specialty Night Lights, Kids Night Lights, Manual Night Lights, and Seasonal Night Lights.

Decorative Night Lights: This exciting group of night lights are designed to fit into any décor from modern to vintage. Most of our decorative night lights turn on and off automatically via dawn-to-dusk sensors built into the night lights, and one is motion activated. These night lights are available in LED and 7 watt incandescent (which may be converted to LED via LED replacement bulbs).

LED Night Lights: LED night lights are super efficient, costing only pennies per year to operate. LED night lights are also cool to the touch and require no replacement bulbs ever. Our LED night lights are available with both dusk-to-dawn sensors and motion activated controls. Some of our LED night lights come equipped with multiple colors of LED light in the same unit.

Automatic Night Lights: This night light category includes both incandescent and neon night lights. Neon night lights provide a continuous glow that, like LED, costs pennies to operate. All the night lights in this category are either equipped with dusk-to-dawn sensors or operate continuously. Some of the night lights offered here provide additional grounded sockets for convenience.

Specialty Night Lights: This is a broad category that includes LED rechargeable candles, battery-less flashlights, underwater battery operated lights, battery operated utility lights, and rechargeable lights for power failures. Take a look around!

Kids Night Lights: We know kids never turn off the lights, but it's o.k. because these night lights come in energy efficient LED and neon. This means they cost pennies a year to operate and they are cool to the touch. These night lights come in a range of designs certain to appeal to kids.

Manual Night Lights: These night lights are available in a wide variety of traditional designs. All of our manual night lights come with 4 watt incandescent bulbs. These night lights have a manual on/off switch, ideal for applications are continuous light would be disturbing.

Seasonal Night Lights: These Christmas themed night lights are available in LED and incandescent, and they are sure to bring safety and Christmas cheer to any socket.

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