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  Home : Fluorescent Light Bulbs : Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs : Dimmable Compact Fluorescent : A-Shape Dimmable Compact Fluorescent : Dimmable 16 Watt A19 Compact Fluorescent Bulb / 5000K

Dimmable 16 Watt A19 Compact Fluorescent Bulb / 5000K

Dimmable 16 Watt A19 Compact Fluorescent Bulb / 5000K Quantity in Basket: none
Code: 61916-ADIM5K
Price: $10.77
Sorry, this item is currently out of stock.
Dimmable Compact Fluorescent Bulb
Watts: 16
Incandescent Comparison: 60 Watts
Color Temperature: 5000K
Lumens: 900
Volts: 120
Average Life: 8000 Hours
Shape: A19
Base: Medium
Qty: 1

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Neptun Apollo Analog Dimmer $23.63 For Dimmable Compact Fluorescents, Dimmable LEDs and Incandescent/Halogen Bulbs
• Full dimming range from 100% to 0%
• Standard style and size
• Decorator-style wall plate and paddle switch with sliding adjustment
• Blue LED indicator
• 600W Maximum load
• Single Pole
•First dimmer switch on the market designed to work with all dimmable CFL bulbs
• Standard wiring - designed to replace any ordinary switch or any other dimmer switch model
• User adjustable lowest dimming level
• Manufacturer: Neptun

NEPTUN Light, Inc., the manufacturer of the best dimmable compact fluorescent light bulbs we have ever tested, now makes the first dimming switch made specifically for dimmable compact fluorescent light bulbs.

We have tested their new compact fluorescent dimmer switch on dimmable compact fluorescent light bulbs and the results far exceeded our expectations. NEPTUN’s APOLLO series compact fluorescent dimmer switch offers a full dimming range, from 100% to 0%. The compact fluorescent dimmer switch offers a user adjustable lowest dimming level setting. A very high wattage rating of 600 watts means you can put several compact fluorescents on the same compact fluorescent dimmer switch. NEPTUN’s compact fluorescent dimmer switch has standard wiring, designed to replace any ordinary switch or any other dimmer switch model. This compact fluorescent dimmer switch is a standard style and size (with a paddle switch and sliding adjustment). This compact fluorescent dimmer switch also works with dimmable LED, halogen, and incandescent light bulbs.

Although NEPTUN’s dimmable compact fluorescents should work with any dimmer made after 1995, these dimmable compact fluorescent dimmer switches perform brilliantly with any dimmable compact fluorescent light bulb.

Qty: 1敤

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