Light Bulbs Etc., Inc. and its online store lightbulbsdirect.com are located in Lenexa, Kansas. Lightbulbsdirect.com and Light Bulbs Etc, Inc. provide commercial and residential lighting solutions, including all types of LED light bulbs, incandescent light bulbs, halogen light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps. Our LED lighting selection includes LED multi packs, LED a-shape light bulbs, LED floods and spots, LED MR16 bulbs, LED antique replica and more. Our full line of quartz halogen lighting includes halogen PAR floods and PAR spots, double-ended halogen light bulbs, bi-pin lamps, MR-16 bulbs, MR-11 lamps, GE constant color MR-16, and line voltage MR-16 lamps. We stock fluorescent lighting including fluorescent ballasts, compact fluorescent light bulbs, plug-in compact fluorescent lamps, full spectrum compact fluorescent light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, and octron t-8 fluorescent tubes. Our line of H.I.D. lighting includes metal halide lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps and mercury vapor lamps. We carry pulse-start metal halide lamps from manufacturers like EYE and Venture Lighting, as well as a full line of ballasts to operate them.